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 *Official* Modern Warfare 2 Guide

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PostSubject: *Official* Modern Warfare 2 Guide   Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:24 pm

Suck at Modern Warfare 2? Don't worry, we know how you feel. Hopefully this thread will make you a little less sucky at Modern Warfare 2. First up, we have Next Gen Tactics with some more "proffessional" like guides.

Next Gen Tactics:
Modern Warfare 2 Novice Guide Series, Part 1: Introduction
Modern Warfare 2, Novice Guide Series, Part 2: Shooting
Modern Warfare 2, Novice Guide Series, Part 3: Melee and Evading
Modern Warfare 2, Novice Guide Series, Part 4: Game Types Vol I
Modern Warfare 2, Novice Guide Series, Part 5: First Game(s)
Modern Warfare 2, Novice Guide Series, Part 6: Creating Strategies

My basic tips:

Suit your taste
The most important thing I'd like to cover, is to choose a weapon that most suits you. Don't just choose the Scar-H because everyone else uses it. Pick a weapon that suits your taste and gameplay. For example, if you're a close combat type person, and suck at aiming in long distance, for heavens sake please do not choose a sniper or any long distance rifles. The best category to choose from if you meet the above categories, is the Sub-Machine Guns. They're light, which means you should be able to evade the enemy if needed. Some Sub-Machine guns may not be the strongest, but are actually quite useful once you get the feel of them. Try pick a weapon with a little more high accuracy then normal. This helps reduce recoil and can come in handy when the enemy is more then 50 meters away.

Perks and Killstreaks
Perks and Killstreaks are very important if you want to rack up a large kill/death ratio. You need a good setup for your killstreaks. Why? All will be explained soon. Below is a good killstreak setup, and you will see why in a minute.

Harrier Strike - 7 kills
Pavelow - 9 kills
Chopper Gunner - 11 kills

Why was that good you ask? Well, it may be hard to reach 7 kills if you're used to care packages and UAV's all the time. But once you reach 7 kills, I assure you that you will most likely double your kills atleast. With the kills you get from your Harrier Strike, you should have enough for a Pavelow. Once you get a pavelow, I suggest to camp. No, I'm not a camper, and I'm not enforcing you to camp all the time. But it's too much to risk if you die at say a 10 killstreak. Anyway, once you reach 11 kills and receive a chopper gunner, I assure you, you definetely will double your score.

Perks are quite important aswell. If you have a nice weapon, but it doesn't do as much damage as another, I suggest you use the stopping power perk in the "Perk 2" section. Yes, you may think that's bad because you can't have Hardline, but I assure you, you will most likely get a higher k/d ratio anyway.

Your eyes
Your eyes are the most important thing in Modern Warfare 2, let alone gaming. Your vision, is what seperates kills from deaths. All it is is who spots who first. This is more important in Modern Warfare 2 then Halo 3. Why? Because you aren't as strong and take less damage, meaning it takes just a few bullets to kill you. Not 5 seconds with your AR. Be cautious, don't just sprint around corners expecting no one to be there. Whenever you turn a corner, you should always expect an enemy to be there. You know that you're coming around that corner, but you're enemies don't. This gives you around a second advantage.

Act like it's a real life situation; don't just run around the map singing songs, wasting bullets on the scenery, and shooting your team mates. As stated above, be cautious, if you've noticed that the enemy keep on guarding an entrance, strategise a plan with your team mates (If you have a mic). If you don't have a mic, strategise a plan with yourself. If there is an alternate route into the place they're guarding, take it, by all means flank them. Don't just run into the center because I assure you will get killed, especially if they have a man on each side of the building. Another important thing is using your knife instead of shooting. If an enemy squad or person hasn't recognized you, quickly run up to them and knife them. Why should I do this? Why not use my pistol?

1. When you shoot, it reveals yourself on the minimap. (Unless you have counter-UAV up)

2. Waste of bullets. Remember, your knife never runs out. It's the only unlimited weapon on the game! Some guns also have short magazines and clips, you don't want to waste your bullets then, rather then when you really need them.

This is only a few of my tips, the rest of mine were basically in that video (It wasn't created by me), so theres no need to explain them. I might add a few later, and if you want, feel free to post a few tips below!

~ Seargent Major
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*Official* Modern Warfare 2 Guide
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