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 The Spartan Laser and how it SHOULD be used

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Insane AlphaBeta
Insane AlphaBeta

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PostSubject: The Spartan Laser and how it SHOULD be used   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:34 pm

Lets hope people use it right this time

im posting this here cuz i can post pretty pics =D

**The Spartan Laser**

Alot of people use the spartan laser
but at the same time there is alot of people who Don't use the laser as it NEEDS to be used
The Spartan Laser is a Anti Vehicle weapon built for dealing with all of the enemy vehicles
of course people ignore this and just blast anyone in sight

Which is why i felt like i needed to make this thread

*How to use the Spartan Laser correctly*

1: Vehicles

The Spartan Laser was built for destroying vehicles
which is the only thing anyone should use the laser for
if you see some infantry DONT use the laser to destroy then
you will be waisting your time instead use a BR or Carbine [at mid range] or a AR or PR [at close range] or even a Sniper at long range

Using the Spartan laser on ANYTHING besides vehicles is a waist of time and will hurt you more then anything
so if you see someone just do as i said and *DONT USE THE LASER ON ANYTHING BESIDES VEHICLES*

2: Surviving

If you have The Spartan Laser and plan to keep it then listen closely

If you want to survive stay with your teammates because once you start unleashing Your Spartan laser on the enemy team they WILL try to kill you as soon as possible so stay near your teammates at all times never g to far out in the open
always look at your raider and always look for vehicles because if they see you first your screwed, now never stray to far from your base,if you start getting shoot at try to find out
1: Where its coming from
2: Where is your Allys
3: Where is the nearest peace of cover that you can hide behind
Once you have figured all of that out head to the safe spot regenerate your health then go to your closest teammate
that way you can switch to your secondary weapon and help your teammate fight the enemy that was fighting you
then its easy street until you get shoot at again

If you die try to quickly remember and identify where you died and once you spawn waist n time in getting there
it is VERY important that you have the laser because that way you can stop the vehicles that are destroying your teammates
plus you might save your team from defeat


this is when to panic you MUST stay behind cover never leave or peak unless you know that you are 100% sure that you can escape then do so but i Highly recommend you stay there until a teammate comes
IF the snipers know that you have a spartan laser then they wont stop until they know for a fact that you are dead

So what should you do? hide, stay in the shadows never be in the open ALLWAYS been by cover AND by teammates

*Enemy Lasers*
If the enemy also has a laser [depending on the map A.K.A. Sandtrap]
if they do have a laser follow the other tips Never stay in the open always been by cover and by teammates
and take him out only by your secondary weapon don't waist the laser

by now you must be wondering why did i create this thread? well when reach comes out yall will dominate with the laser =D

and yes i know...
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Seargent Major
Seargent Major

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PostSubject: Re: The Spartan Laser and how it SHOULD be used   Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:23 pm

Good thread Insane. Loving the pics. I remember reading this in The Holy Council and thought it was brilliant. Job well done, you truly do your research.

~ Seargent Major
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The Spartan Laser and how it SHOULD be used
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